Alfa Laval Kathabar
Dry Desiccant

About Dry Desiccant Products

Materials of Construction

All components on the Alfa Laval Kathabar Dry Desiccant systems are manufactured with 2″ double walled, foam insulation, with G90 galvanized steel outside and galvanized or stainless steel inner liner. Components associated with the Dry Desiccant line are varied and adaptable to meet the customer’s specific standards.

Dry Desiccant Materials of Constructino

Process Side

A Center DH Sections Reinforced insulated tempered glass view port to view wheel rotation
C Rotor Comprised of silica gel desiccant, tested for flame resistance and smoke production. Radial spokes, integral ball bearings, outer rim made of 14 gage 304 Stainless Steel
C Rotor Drive Fractional HP gearmotor with belt or chain, includes parallel shaft gear reducer with hardened steel gears. TEFC type

Reactivation Side

G Heater Steam, Electric, Direct or Indirect Gas fired heaters available sized to customer’s spec
H Fan Draw through fan, TEFC, premium efficiency. Direct or belt driven. Rust preventive coating applied prior to shipment
H Air Seals High temperature viton rubber – seal between process and reactivation sides as well as the wheel perimeter


A DH Box Cabinet section walls made are doubled walled, insulated, Galvanized Steel
e Wheel/Belt Chain Belt driven when lower CFM’s Chain and sprocket drive for larger CFM’s
e Cassett Frame Rotor frame comprised of thick wall “DOM” carbon steel tubing, with welded 10 gage spokes and welded internal 10 gage media retention strips
J Curb (Base) Structural “C” steel channel, lifting holes or brackets for rigging
K Electrical Control Panel NEMA 12 – indoor Control of rotor, fans, reactivation heater
NEMA 4 – outdoor Control of rotor, fans, reactivation heater

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