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Principles of Dry Desiccant

Principles of Dry DesiccantAlfa Laval Kathabar Dry Systems utilize an adsorbent desiccant wheel / rotor which is primarily composed of silica gel. By exposing the process air stream to the desiccant wheel, the silica gel desiccant’s low surface vapor pressure attracts the high vapor pressure of the air and entraps the moisture in the silica matrix. The desiccant is then exposed to a second scavenger airstream “Reactivation Air” (typically outside air) which has been preheated (lowering its vapor pressure) to drive the moisture back out of the desiccant. This is all accomplished continuously by the desiccant wheel “drive” motor which rotates the wheel through both streams. See the diagram to the left for further clarifications.

The desiccant wheel / rotor is primarily made of silica gel media and is secured in a perimeter band with radial spokes. The spokes are attached to a central hub with integral sealed ball bearings. For further information on the desiccant wheel / rotor, please see the linked MSDS.

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