Alfa Laval Kathabar
Dry Desiccant

About Dry Desiccant Products

System Components

Alfa Laval Kathabar Dry Desiccant equipment utilizes silica gel wheel with the following standard components:

Alfa Laval Kathabar Dry "Dehumidifier Module"

Liquid System Components Alfa Laval Kathabar Dry "Dehumidifier Module" features:
  • Unit housing designed for indoor or outdoor installation, with double-wall insulation construction and galvanized/stainless inside wall
  • Complete with silica gel rotor, frame, air seals, chain or belt drive with motor, and access doors
  • Access doors for easy inspection and maintenance
  • Silica gel wheel depths available: 100mm, 200mm, 400mm
  • Optional integral dehumidifier rotor bypass with manual or automatic damper
  • Rotor rotation sensor
  • Reactivation heaters available: Electric, gas, steam
  • Base rail with lifting holes for rigging
Additional Sizing Information

To ensure that we meet our customer's design temperature and humidity conditions, we also offer auxiliary modules. A list of the most commonly provided modules can be found below:

Adaptable Modules

Liquid System Components "Adaptable Modules" include:
  • Mixing Box with galvanized or stainless steel dampers, actuators, hoods
  • Pre and Post Filters 30%, 55%, 65%, 95% and HEPA. Carbon or biocidal filters also available
  • Heating Coil steam, hot water, gas, or electric
  • Cooling Coil chilled water, glycol, DX, or ammonia
  • Process fans SWSI, DWDI, plug, and high pressure
  • Packaged refrigeration units are available

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