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Dry Desiccant

About Dry Desiccant Products

System Features & Benefits

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Discover System Features and Benefits of Dry Desiccant Products

Dehumidification Independent of Cooling

  • Best suited for warm, dry applications (less than 20% relative humidity)

Low Discharge Humidity

  • Can achieve as low as -54°C / -65°F dew-point

Complete Packaged Systems

  • Any components found in a typical air handling unit (AHU) can be packaged into a dry desiccant dehumidifier.

Humidity Control (+/-2%RH)

  • Adjustable leaving air humidity level based on wheel bypass & reactivation modulation

Modulating Capacity Control

  • Lower energy requirements than traditional refrigeration

Common to utilize readily available utilities

  • Reactivation with direct or indirect fired natural gas, electricity or high-pressure steam

Thermally insulated

  • With two inch foam insulation (R-13) in a double wall construction

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