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    Frost Free Cold Storage

    Stop energy consuming defrost cycles! Alfa Laval Kathabar's Frost Free systems eliminate the need for any defrost cycle in your cold storage facility. When you don't fire-up your defrost cycle, you cut energy costs. In addition, Frost Free Alfa Laval Kathabar systems significantly reduce the amount of ammonia needed in your refrigeration system as well as removing the ammonia from the occupied space.   A frost free warehouse enhances staff safety because there is no ice on the floor to cause slips and falls. Liquid desiccants also act as an air scrubber, adding another layer of protection by killing 94% of all airborne microorganisms. Frost Free Cold Storage

    How it works

    Frost and icing occur when warm moisture laden air is allowed into the refrigerated space.  When the warmer, more humid air cools it cannot carry as much water.  The water condenses and forms frost or ice on  product, floors, ceilings and conveyors. Alfa Laval Kathabar systems use an environmentally safe liquid desiccant to dehumidify the air that circulates through a cold storage warehouse.  By removing  water from the air and keeping the humidity levels below the dew point, frost cannot form.  No frost means no required defrost cycle.  In addition to dehumidification, Alfa Laval Kathabar can also cool the air to -30°F if necessary. Using Alfa Laval Kathabar as a secondary refrigerant will reduce the  ammonia charge needed in your cooling system.  Employee safety is improved because the ammonia charge is isolated to a rooftop/outdoor location and is kept out of the cooling space.

    Energy savings

    Alfa Laval Kathabar eliminates the need for energy intensive defrost cycles.  Refrigerant efficiency is maintained because ice never forms on fan coils and other cooling system components.  Alfa Laval Kathabar systems are designed to use heat created by the system’s compressor to power the desiccant regeneration process.  The use of this ‘waste’ heat source cuts operating costs.

    Employee safety--product quality

    Icy floors and stairs are a constant concern for cold storage facility operators.  Each time an access door to the warehouse is opened, more humid air is introduced into the conditioned space.  This can lead to ice forming on floor surfaces and product and can cause injuries.  Alfa Laval Kathabar removes the humidity before it can ice-up floors and ceilings, reducing a major source of  warehouse worker injuries. A Alfa Laval Kathabar system also acts as an effective air wash, removing up to 94% of all airborne pathogens such as mold, bacteria and viruses.  This added value is not found in traditional refrigeration or dry desiccant systems.  Alfa Laval Kathabar's ability to maintain an exact indoor environment also prevents product spoilage caused by fluctuations in temperature and humidity.